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Bengal cat price: how much Bengal cat cost

What could be better than coming home, where a loyal and faithful furry friend will be waiting for you? Having a pet is not as easy as it seems at first glance. You need to weigh the pros and cons, but if you do decide, here are some tips for choosing a Bengal cat that come in handy. Read on to know the Bengal cat price.

The first thing you need to prepare for mentally is the price. It must be understood that these cats are purebred, as it is fashionable to say now elite and the price for them is appropriate. The cost in the USA for Bengal cats varies greatly and can range from 200 to 1500 USD. We will return to the prices, but everything is for now.

Description of the breed

This species appeared in 1963 in America, thanks to the crossing of an ordinary cat with a leopard, hence the characteristic spotted color of the breed. It was the color that played a role in the popularization of these cats throughout the world. Many people want an exotic animal at home but sometimes need more courage and an elementary place.

The Bengal cat is ideal in this sense, if not for its small size. It is not surprising to confuse such an animal with a wild inhabitant of the savannah. Experts note several features of this breed:

  • “Bengals” are very attached to the place and people with whom they are for a long time.
  • The friendliness and playfulness make the cat the perfect gift for children.
  • Taking care of her is pretty easy, given that she is a cross between a leopard and a cat; she has independence and a free character.

The features of this breed are very noticeable. First, the head is wedge-shaped, and the location of the ears is slightly different from what we are used to. There is an opinion that these animals are aggressive due to their origin, but this is not so. They have only 15 – 20% of leopard genes, and they are mainly reflected in the animal’s appearance. Also, unlike their counterparts, these spotted ones love water.

Approximate prices for Bengal cats

It is impossible to precisely tell the prices, as they are different in each State in the USA. For example, in California and other large states, such a cat will cost much more than in another sparsely populated area. Low-class animals can cost from 200 to 660 USD. Cats of a high, elite class cost from 660 to 1500 USD. Such cats are mainly purchased for various exhibitions to participate in competitions or, in the end, as a gift dear to their hearts.

What determines the price?

First of all, the main component of prices is the breed of a cat; the more intense the color of the leopard, the higher the price for it. The age of the cat also plays an important role. Kittens are much more expensive than adults. This is because the kitten is easier to train and bring closer to your way of life.

The kitten should be ready to move to a new place at the age of 3-4 months, not earlier. To avoid problems in the future, it is necessary to conclude a sale and purchase agreement between the seller and the breeder; together with the agreement, the buyer receives all the relevant documents, including the pedigree (if any).

The price also largely depends on the class of the animal. The lower the compliance class with all parameters, the lower the cost. The class is determined by several parameters, such as color, breeding stock, the difficulty of care, health, and so on.

Maine coon cat price

Maine Coon cats are considered the largest in the world. Many people want to become owners of animals of this breed. In the USA, buying a Maine Coon kitten will cost 260-1000 USD. Read on to learn Maine coon cat price and other info about it.

Approximate price list for Maine Coon kittens:

  • Show class animals – from 1000 USD.
  • Pet-class cats – from 260 to 520 USD.
  • Individuals of the breed class – 520-920 USD.

The cost depends on several factors:

  • Paul.
  • Coloring.
  • The presence of a pedigree.
  • Health conditions.
  • Class.
  • Presence of awards from parents.
  • Vaccinations.
  • Purebreds.
  • Availability of documents.
  • Kudos to the seller and his pricing policy.
  • The type of purchase.
  • Region of purchase.

Purebred individuals with a non-standard color are more expensive than a cross between the two breeds. The animal is sold at a higher price in the country’s capital than in the outback. The presence of all documents and vaccinations increases the cost of the kitten. The higher the pet class, the more money the seller demands for it.

Types of purchase

Depending on age, you can take a Maine Coon kitten:

  • 2-2.5 months old.
  • Three months.
  • 4-5 months old.
  • Six months old.

Usually, three-month-old kittens are purchased. As they get older, the price of an animal drops.

Depending on the subspecies, you can take a cat:

  • American (large head, short muzzle, long hair, massive body).
  • European (long body, elongated muzzle, shorter hair).

Kittens are sold by the degree of purebred:

  • Show class (these are exhibition animals).
  • Pet-class (common pets).
  • Breed class (individuals for breeding).

Type of purchase at the place of purchase:

  • At the breeder.
  • In a specialized nursery.
  • On the Internet by ad.
  • According to the ad submitted to the newspaper.
  • At the zoo market.

Some info about Maine coon cat

The homeland of cats of this breed is the State of MEN, located in the northeastern part of the United States. Animals are difficult to care for and maintain. But their unique appearance makes them popular with Russians.

Maine Coon appearance description:

  • The head is broad and large; the cheekbones stand out nicely.
  • The ears are large, with pointed ends, set high.
  • The muzzle is short and square.
  • The eyes are oval and large, slightly slanted.
  • The chest is wide.
  • The body is massive, rectangular, and harmoniously folded.
  • The tail is lush and long.
  • Paws are shaggy and strong.
  • The coat is thick and long, forming a collar around the head.
  • The growth at the withers of an adult animal reaches 45 cm.
  • Common colors are tabby, red, gray, black, white, blue, and tortie.
  • Average weight – 4.5-7 kg for females and 13 kg for males.

Maine Coons are docile, calm, well trainable. Outsiders need to be more trusting. On average, they live about 20 years.

Advantages of the breed:

  • Devotion.
  • Longevity.
  • High intelligence.
  • Good nature.
  • Unobtrusiveness.
  • Playfulness.
  • Non-aggressiveness


  • Frequent molting.
  • The need for constant care.
  • Great appetite.
  • Poorly tolerate hot weather.
  • sphynx cat price: how much sphynx cat cost

The Sphynx is a unique cat breed. Sphynx differs from other types of cats by the absence of hair. Such animals are chosen by representatives of the elite. On Russian territory, a Sphynx kitten can be bought for an amount of 70 to 1300 USD. Read on to know the sphynx cat price and more info about it.

There are three types of sphinxes: Canadian, Don, and St. Petersburg. The Canadian subspecies appeared about 60 years ago, the St. Petersburg subspecies about 20 years ago, and the Don subspecies was registered in 1992. Each variety has its own distinctive features.

Sphynx cat price: How much is the Canadian Sphynx

  • Kittens as pets of the pet class, castrated, cost mainly from 120 to 200 USD.
  • Pets of the breed class, intended for breeding, depending on color, pedigree, etc., are sold from 200 to 530 USD.
  • Kittens for exhibitions of the show class will cost from 530 to 1300 USD.

The Canadian Sphynx is a popular domestic cat breed. These pets are sold worldwide, so they cost relatively little for this breed. According to an advertisement in a newspaper or on an Internet resource, it is possible to find a sphinx for 40-70 USD. Of course, the titled parents of the Canadian Sphynx and the exact compliance with the standard increase the cost.

Description of the standards of appearance of the Canadian Sphynxes:

  • The weight of the cat varies between 3.5-5 kg.
  • The head is long.
  • The nose is straight.
  • The neck is muscular and of medium length.
  • The ears are large and erect.
  • His eyes are wild, narrow at the edges, oblique, any color allowed.
  • The body is medium in size, muscular, and soft to the touch.
  • Paws are of medium length, proportional, and soft.
  • The tail is flexible, tapering towards the end, long.
  • There is a barely noticeable hairline up to 0.2 cm long.
  • The skin is wrinkled and thick.

Sphynx cat price: How much is the Don Sphynx

The catteries offer wonderful kittens that meet the standards of this breed. The cost for the Don Sphynx PRICE ranges from 120-400 USD. Getting a bald kitten today is easy. In the USA, there is a huge number of nurseries that qualify for breeding this breed. Many are ready to deliver the animal to neighboring regions and sometimes anywhere in the USA. Meanwhile, such nurseries oblige the potential buyer to approach the choice of the purchase location carefully. First, you should read the reviews of the selected cattery.

Don Sphinx standards:

  • Average weight – 3.5-7 kg.
  • The head is long, with folds.
  • Fangs protrude from under the upper lip.
  • Thick vibrissae.
  • The ears are wide and large, tilted forward.
  • The eyes are almond-shaped, the eyelids are rolled up, and any shade of the eyes is allowed.
  • The body is muscular, medium in size, and hot to the touch.
  • Paws are medium length, soft, and proportional; the hind legs are longer than the front.
  • The tail is long, tapering towards the end.
  • The skin is folded, elastic, and covered with down.

What does the price depend on?

The cost of a Sphynx kitten differs from breeders. The cost is formed under the influence of such factors:

  1. Color.
  2. Breed type.
  3. Class.
  4. Purebred.
  5. Age.
  6. Availability of documents.
  7. Titles of parents.
  8. Kudos to the breeder.
  9. Health status.
  10. Vaccination.

Depending on the level of purebredness, you can buy a Sphynx kitten:

  • Pet-class (have significant deviations from the standard, suitable as pets).
  • Show class (purebred individuals, ready for exhibitions).
  • Breed class (have minor deviations from the standard, suitable for breeding).

Depending on the age, you can buy a kitten:

  • Two months.
  • 3-4 months.
  • Five months.
  • Six months old.

Cats are sold by color:

  • Gray.
  • Lilovs.
  • Redheads.
  • Black.
  • White.
  • Pinkish.
  • Blue.
  • Two-color

At the place of purchase, the purchase is

  1. By an ad in a newspaper or on the Internet.
  2. At the breeder.
  3. At the zoo market.
  4. In the nursery.

Approximate price list

In Russia, the cost of Sphynx kittens is approximately the following:

  • Petersburg view – from 10,000 to 100,000 rubles.
  • Canadian – 10,000-60,000 rubles.
  • Donskoy – 10,000-80,000 rubles .

In nurseries, animals of this breed are sold for 10,000 rubles. Given the great competition, some breeders reduce kittens’ cost to 5,000 rubles. At the pet market or according to an ad, you can take a pet for 5,000-10,000 rubles.

Sphynx price depending on the level of purebred:

  • Pet-class – 8,000-15,000 rubles.
  • Breed class – 15,000-40,000 rubles.
  • Show class – 40,000-100,000 rubles.

Sphinx nutrition

In this aspect, the Sphynx kitten will definitely please its owner. This cat is omnivorous and rarely spoiled. She will gladly eat the food offered by the owner. The reason for this behavior lies in the increased metabolism since there is no wool and a high temperature. When a kitten greedily grabs pieces of food, you do not need to think that he needs additional feeding. This is just a characteristic feature of the breed.

You do not need to put your pet on dry or canned food. Here, the combination that provides the necessary vitamins plays a significant role. The main thing is that any food must be of high quality.

How many years does the sphinx live?

The life expectancy of a Sphynx cat is practically no different from its fellow tribesmen. Much depends on the heredity and conditions of detention. On average, hairless cats live 13-15 years but can live 17 with quality care.

Jenifer Miona

Dr. Jenifer Miona is a highly skilled and compassionate veterinarian based in Ireland. With a passion for animal health and wellbeing, she has dedicated her career to providing the highest standard of veterinary care to pets and their families. After completing her veterinary degree at the University of Dublin, Dr. Miona went on to specialize in small animal medicine. She has since gained extensive experience in all areas of veterinary care, including routine check-ups, surgical procedures, and emergency treatments. In her clinic, Dr. Miona is known for her gentle and compassionate approach to patient care. She takes the time to listen to the concerns of pet owners and develops personalized treatment plans to meet the unique needs of each animal. Beyond her clinical work, Dr. Miona is active in the veterinary community and stays up-to-date with the latest advances in veterinary medicine through ongoing education and professional development. She is a member of several professional organizations, including the Irish Veterinary Association and the European College of Small Animal Medicine. Outside of her work as a veterinarian, Dr. Miona is an avid animal lover and enjoys spending time with her own pets. She also volunteers at local animal shelters and is committed to promoting animal welfare through community outreach and education.

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